Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bill Spaceman Lee

70's LSD and Baseball sounds like tons of fun.
According to my boy Ben(who just posted an awesome piece on the Expos on his blog), I need to read Bill Lee's book(s)
The Habs sucking the life out of me right now makes me miss the Expos even more


  1. He says he used to put weed on his pancakes cause it would help his joints and protect his lungs from the smog while he was jogging. One of the most interesting ball players. The stories he has on Eckersley and Bernie Carbo while he was in Boston are priceless. The Wrong Stuff was a top notch book.

  2. I got a 3 hours long interview with the guy. He talks a lot about the 70s Expos and how the wife of many players either divorced them or refused that they sign a contract with the Expos because the city was too hot aka too many hot women. I can make you a copy if I figure out how to rip the thing.

  3. Please do!!! email me fredxforeverysin@yahoo.com